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Welcome to the Mineral Wells Academy!

The Mineral Wells Academy has a deeply rooted belief that every student desires and deserves to achieve their greatest potential.

The Academy is an alternative educational program for grades 9-12 that offers self-paced, individualized and assisted academic instruction.

Students attend the Academy for a variety of reasons. Some are not suited to the restrictions of the regular high school, its rules or its hour-by-hour structure. Other students may have personal obligations, which conflict with the standard high school program. The Academy empowers students to take responsibility for their own education by setting their own academic goals. The educational format, with its individualized instruction and flexible scheduling, provides numerous opportunities to achieve a high school diploma or a GED.

Our team knows many students face challenges in their lives. But, once students have the support they need, they perform exceedingly well. By meeting every student where they are—with an eye on where they want to go—the Academy changes lives one student at a time.

Contact Information
Principal Jeff Smith
(940) 325-3033
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